Our Story

We are currently exporting sea food( ANCHOVY, SEABREAM, BASS, TROUT) in order to meet the increasing demand in the Middle Eastern and Turk Republics markets under the brand SKYFISH, and we are exporting seafood to the ethnic European market under the brand PROVATE LABEL. The rapidly developing company started the packaging and sales of frozen fruit, vegetables and bakery products under the brand SKYFRESH in 2014 accordingly with the customer demands, market movements, research and new market targets. The non-domestic customers are also provided with a flexible production scheme with special brands and custom basis weights. The company initially designated its product portfolio accordingly with the European market and its consumer products rapidly entered the domestic market focusing on contract products and started to develop a portfolio for HORECA. The major share of the company’s export goes to France, Germany and Belgium.

The company also provides products for KEREVİTAŞ under the brand SUPERFRESH on a fason basis for the domestic market and it is capable of production under special brands and custom basis weight with the products included in its portfolio. The company which has achieved great commercial success in a very short time continues its R&D activities in order to introduce its customers and partners new tastes and treats. The company has accelerated its R&D work on its processed and marinated sea food products.


Our main aim is to become a leading company in the food industry through a synthesis of tradition and innovation. To contribute to the country’s economy through increasing efficiency and activity both in the national and international markets. To keep moving forward without compromising our social responsibilities.


To become the first company to introduce foods that are exclusive to our cuisine to different countries. To expand our product variety through innovation and new applications, to foresee and meet the customer requirements at the utmost possible level. To increase both the national and international sales and become the most preferred company and increase our competence and determination.


Our productions are carried out according to legal regulations and customer requirements from raw material to the final product at every step of the production with our experienced and well-equipped team.

Our most important goal is to make our brand indispensable by quality, which is only possible with staff who believes in the power of teamwork, team leaders who follow the processes and improve continuously, with technical support & feedback and common mind from suppliers.

It is indispensable for our quality, to achieve customer satisfaction, to follow the technological developments, to progress with a reliable, conscious, protecting consumer rights, sustainable resource and environmentally sensitive production approach.